Untitled UI

Figma UI kit and design system

What is Untitled UI?

Untitled UI is a comprehensive, all-inclusive design system and Figma UI kit containing over 10,000 components and variants. This kit simplifies your workflow and provides UI inspiration for app design. Whether you’re working on a mobile app, website, or desktop application, this kit helps kickstart your project and work faster.

Why choose Untitled UI?

Untitled UI helps you save significant time when designing and prototyping. It has intelligent and scalable typography, a practical color system, spacing, and radius variables, and with 10,000+ design components and variants, you don’t need to spend time building custom components. At UI Goodies, we love Untilted UI for prototyping; you can bring any idea to life in moments with this kit. By integrating Untitled UI into your projects, you can rapidly deliver high-quality designs while drawing inspiration from a vast pool of app designs.

What's included?


Supports all the latest features announced at Config 2023, including color, spacing, radius, and width variables (including dark mode!) and Auto Layout 5.0 (min/max widths and wrapping).


PRO STYLES supports the latest updates, such as Auto Layout 5.0 (min/max widths and wrapping), but it does not include variables for those who prefer to keep their workflow simple.

Untitled UI PRO-LITE

The lightweight version of the full Untitled UI PRO STYLES kit also includes support for Auto Layout 5.0 (min/max widths and wrapping). It’s 55% lighter and faster and is designed to include everything you need.

Untitled UI is a design system and resource that can benefit experienced and novice designers. It offers a variety of design assets and an opportunity to learn best practices and observe the construction of professional design systems. It serves as a unifying library for design teams that promotes consistency and efficiency. Freelancers can leverage the kit’s resources to deliver high-quality work quickly, allowing them to take on more projects. Startups can also use it to bring their ideas to life faster than ever before. With Untitled UI, you can unlock your creative potential and transform the way you design.

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